Dodd City,


Being the middle son of a single mother with three boys close in age, I feel a personal responsibility to seek out every resource and opportunity available to me for the purpose of continuing my education and to fulfill me professional and personal goals. My older brother is a senior at Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, Oklahoma. Having 2 sons in college and a high school aged student at home all at the same time is a heavy financial burden for my mother. This scholarship would allow me unique opportunities to continue my education, obtain my degree, and help me continue in allowing me to help other people. I want to study bioengineering and evetually receuve my doctorate in biomedical engineering and design. My intention after my college career is to go on to design and construct prosthesis, assistive technologies, and adaptive equipment to help and support disabled persons to live a more full and more rewarding life. I want to put to good use my passion for helping others by endeavoring to give them opportunities and experiences they may not have been able to have otherwise. This scholarship will greatly help me achieve my overall dream to help others.