This scholarship means a lot to me and my family. I’m very proud about receiving a scholarship tailored for students with dyslexia pursuing a higher education as it’s a great motivation to work hard throughout the school year. It demonstrates that even with a learning disability, there are individuals who care about our success and strive to provide us with the necessary resources to have us thrive. For my family, the scholarship is a tangible result of my hard work to overcome my learning disability.   Additionally, this scholarship provides me with an opportunity to use the funds towards tutoring  and accessing helpful resources available on campus such as the Writing Center, Learning Plus and the Math and Stats Lab. All of these resources play a big role in helping me in my academic journey, assisting me in overcoming challenges and ensuring my success in my coursework. I am extremely proud of being part of the Morelli Scholarship Community and will continue to work hard, and pursue my passion in my major.