Dominic Corradini



The support from the Joseph James Morelli Legacy Foundation has allowed me to focus on my courses and co-op opportunities.  Their financial support allows me to dedicate my time to academic excellence and I couldn’t be more appreciative.  I also appreicate being part of a larger network of students who face the same challenges as I do.  I am empowered by knowing there is a wealth of resources and knowledge available to me if needed. I hope to honor the memory of Joseph Morelli as I work toward my degree.

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We Need Your Support on November 3, 2023

To date we have awarded over 330 scholarships, totaling more than $550,000. Your gift is helping these young adults receive much needed tutoring, testing, accommodations, resources and tuition support, which can make the difference between success and failure. But more than the financial support, your generous support builds students’ self-esteem and confidence, as well as restores the dream of being worthy and deserving of an education.

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