Salt Lake City,


The Joseph James Morelli Legacy Foundation has an immense empowerment for students in the world of STEM. Entering college 5 years ago I felt alone and faced many detrimental obstacles. As years passed on I found a greater path of purpose in myself…the foundation has provided me mentors, life-long networks, and most importantly a community in which I never imagined to exist in STEM today. The community I entered here in 2017, continues to grow with such persistence and has influenced values that I never wish to leave behind. Along this journey my gratitude goes to the foundation for pushing me to integrate my compassion, strength, and wisdom by becoming a mentor. Given the chance for the first time to mentor new incoming recipients, connected me with opportunities to mentor externally for our youth communities, and even hold positions as a student representative at my university. Every day this foundation moves forward, impacts another reflective reason to give back. Thank you for what you do.

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