The continued generosity of the Morelli family honors me. The Joseph James Morelli scholarship means more to me than I can express. I want to honor Joseph’s legacy and that desire also drives me to achieve my goals. His legacy also inspires me to use my struggles to lanch not only myself but others forward. The knowledge that there are people who believe in those like me so much drives me to work harder every day. The Joseph James Morelli scholarship benefits students across the country, all of which are so worthy and inspiring. I consider myself lucky to be counted among them. My story and the stories of my fellow recipients mirror each other. They are stories of hardship, but also of triumph. The scholarship not only gives financial support but emotional support as well. It tells us that we are important, worthy, and capable. I want to express my gratitude to both the Morelli family and the scholarship committee for everything they have done for me, my family, and others like us. I promise to use their generosity to honor Joseph’s legacy through working hard to achieve my dreams and helping others achieve theirs however and whenever I can. Jessica Caroline Wilson Troy, NC