What does receiving this scholarship mean to me?  Receiving the scholarship means a great deal to me. Specifically it will give me the opportunity to spend more time on my studies.   I work really, really hard in the summer on my small landscaping business helping people pick up their yards. So far, I have been frugal enough that I have worked long hours in the summer and been able to not work during the school year.   I am a student athlete that wrestles and I am able to keep a 3.9 GPA during the school year but only because I don’t work during the school year. This scholarship is give me the gift to be able to keep my GPA at that level and still be an athlete in college. With the scholarship I’ll be able to get my textbooks and get extra help on tutors and other materials that are needed. For me and my dyslexia it takes me six or seven times longer than most students to learn something and I will need all the added help, and extra time be able to become the college student I strive to be.  So what does this scholarship mean tome? It means I get to learn at my own pace with help from others that is appreciated!