Receiving this scholarship and the ongoing support from the Morelli Foundation that has come with the process has been very meaningful to me. Learning to accept and overcome my challenges with dyslexia and ADHD has been tough. My early years of education were filled with obstacles and feelings of frustration in trying to catch up with my peers in reading and writing. My high school years were filled with hard work yet and some anxiety about what the future held for me. But wait for it… my college years have been awesome! Despite the roller coaster of Covid-19 issues, I have had the most positive experiences of my life thus far in my college years! I have had the opportunity to develop my areas of giftedness as I pursue my degree in Architecture with a focus on environmental, economic, and social sustainability through green roof design. I have expanded my previously small world experiences by having many new adventures in a culturally diverse environment, with a diverse peer group. The support of the Morelli Foundation has been a cornerstone in helping to give me confidence and financial support along my journey. I am grateful that the scholarship committee believed in me and entrusted me to honor Joseph’s memory through scholarship, community service, and living life as an adventure. We, the different thinkers in our world, can sometimes get lost in the shuffle of an imperfect educational system. We don’t always receive accolades for having the top grades or standardized test scores. However, the world needs us, now more than ever. Thank you, Morelli Foundation, for supporting me and many other different thinkers as we grow into being difference makers! Emma Hausz Architecture Student University of Cincinnati.

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