I feel that it would only be appropriate to let this foundation know how vital this scholarship has been to my academic success and livelihood. Approaching four years since high school graduation, I’ve made sure to perform at the best of my abilities in terms of advancing my academic career, which will eventually make way for my professional mechanical engineering major, which I have now begun a steady transition into thanks to engineering courses that the campus has provided. All in all, working toward this dream degree of mine will of course take a lots of hard work and allocated time, but I can assure you that it is a dream that I’ve personally relished in fulfilling up to this point, which would’ve only been made possible through the foundation’s support. As someone who had also moved across state lines almost two years ago, the Joseph James Morelli foundation and its scholarship has done a great deal in lifting a big weight off of my shoulders in terms of financial trouble, as I’ve adjusted to a new chapter in my life. I had overcome many obstacles over the course of my entire life, and it is because of the generosity of those through this foundation and elsewhere that I’ve gained the willpower and inspiration to trudge forward with my goals. With all of that said, you can expect me to not finish trudging forward any time soon, as I will only expect this scholarship to continue to inspire, and support my efforts in the years to come.