It means so much to me to be a recipient of the Joseph James Morelli Scholarship. Growing up, I struggled to write and read. I had these big thoughts and ideas but I found it incredibly difficult to get them on paper. I have had to look inward and understand how I learn best. I also had to be an advocate for myself and others. I advocated for the accommodations I needed to be successful. Receiving this scholarship is not only a recognition that I have had to work harder for my education but it is also so incredible to be part of a community that actually gets what it means to be dyslexic. Celebrating that we are not less than other people, we just learn differently. I am inspired and humbled to be in the company of so many students pursuing education in STEM, and truly be a legacy of Joseph. This scholarship allows me to attend Southwestern University, where I am majoring in Mathematics. The choice of a small school, allows me to get more individualized opportunities for learning, and have meaningful relationships with my Professors. The scholarship also helps my family significantly in helping me fulfill my dream of a college education.