I am so honored to again receive the Joseph James Morelli Scholarship. This scholarship does not just help\ me financially, it helps me emotionally. It feels like there are people rooting for me, people who didn’t even know me. Last year, it helped me gain confidence, to push and ask for accommodations I hadn’t pushed for in high school. I also knew that if my college did not provide things I needed, like audio recordings for readings, I could use the funds from the scholarship to pay for a program, or the foundation would help me find one. My self-advocacy paid off and I was able to thrive in my first year of college. The fact that this scholarship concentrates on the intersection of dyslexia and STEM is doubly empowering for me. STEM fields can be hard to fit into, especially as a woman or a person with a learning disability. I am very lucky at my University to have multiple women math professors pushing me to do my best, and who take my accommodations seriously., I know without the support of this scholarship, I would not be able to go to Southwetern, and receive the individualized support that has helped me succeed. This scholarship also creates a community of celebration and support of people with dyslexia.It was a recognition that I had succeeded not despite my dyslexia, but because of it. I look forward to attending the conference this year, and helping people like me succeed in college like this scholarship has done for me.