I am tremendously grateful to the scholarship committee for their generosity towards me and my family, and for believing that I am worthy of this opportunity. When surrounded by people who believe in you, it is very difficult not to believe in yourself. This award will help provide me with the additional academic support I need to be successful in the engineering program at Saint Michael’s College. This award also validates that I can achieve whatever I put my mind to and in those moments of failure that every dyslexic student experiences, I will use it as encouragement to keep striving towards the goals I was told were impossible. I also plan to visit The Hills School of Wilmington, a specialized school for dyslexic students, which I attended from 6th – 8th grades. I am excited to share the news of my scholarship with other dyslexic students. In doing so, I hope to encourage them to believe they can achieve anything they want. Thank you once again for this remarkable gift.