Mentorship Program

After its second successful year, the Mentorship Program has become an essential element in the support the Foundation offers our awardees.

Our mentorship program pairs upperclassmen with college freshmen to help them navigate the challenges that college presents, particularly for students with learning differences. Mentors are current or former Morelli Foundation scholarship recipients, either upperclassmen or recent graduates, who are selected by us and trained by our partner, Superpower Mentors.  Our mentors support their mentees and help equip them with skills they need to confidently succeed in all aspects of their lives. 

One recent mentee, a pre-med student, whose interest in medicine was piqued after suffering a traumatic brain injury, found the rigors of a pre-med curriculum extremely challenging, but thanks to his mentor was able to get the accommodations he needed, learn how to effectively talk to professors and manage challenging social situations. In his words, the Morelli Mentorship program is, “amazing, and people should take advantage of it.”

Our mentors help encourage and empower their mentees and help them acquire skills such as: 

  • self-advocacy
  • stress management
  • time management
  • public speaking skills
  • social problem-solving skills

Our Mentorship Program benefits not only the mentees, but also the mentors.  Our mentors enjoyed the following: 

  • camaraderie with other mentors
  • the satisfaction of helping a freshman, like they once were, to thrive
  • improving their own skills

We are proud to say that while nationally the college dropout rate between freshman and sophomore years is 30%, the dropout rate is zero for students who have had a Morelli Foundation mentor!

Meet some of our Mentorship Participants

Meet Jake Sussman, Founder of Superpower Mentors

Jake Sussman is the CEO & Founder of Superpower Mentors, an online global mentorship program focused on empowering those with Dyslexia, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder ( ADHD) and other learning and attention challenges.

The Joseph James Morelli Legacy Foundation partners with Superpower Mentors to provide mentorship support to Morelli Scholarship awardees.

"The Forgotten Child"

A poetic performance dedicated to those misunderstood and labeled for learning “differently”. The Forgotten Child has captured the hearts of thousands around the world. Performed and written by Jake Sussman, his story cannot be told, rather it needs to be felt. The story of The Forgotten Child is not just Jake’s story. It is a story that may sound VERY familiar…