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All of the Joseph James Morelli Legacy Foundation committee members are volunteers. As a nonprofit organization where the majority of donations go directly to the scholarship awardees, we rely heavily on the generosity of people looking to help and give back. Consider donating your time, knowledge, and voice. No matter where you are in the country – there are students who are struggling to get the accommodations, recognition, and support they need in what can be a challenging learning environment.

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Impact the lives of young adults
Powerful words from the dad of a three-year scholarship awardee:

Jared has been working so hard during and after high school, and he has been feeling a bit worn down due to his tremendous efforts. College is challenging enough when the student doesn't have learning disabilities, but when learning or communication disabilities are combined with the "normal" or usual unwavering dedication needed to succeed in the academic environment, sometimes the effort can seem too much to bear.

This is where the Joseph Morelli scholarship has made the most difference in Jared's life. While good grades and mental exercises are motivating and have their own rewards, the scholarship for Jared is energizing and a validation of his status as an exemplary student and member of society. The money from the scholarship helps Jared of course, but the perhaps less obvious and certainly most significant benefit to him is the acknowledgement from external sources that his work is recognized and his value as a human being doing his best is distinguished and quantified.

Thank you again for the scholarship and its effects on Jared's life. All the contributors to the Joseph Morelli scholarship fund can legitimately feel they have assisted another human being to know he is valued and loved. A more philanthropic endeavor than this I cannot envision