2020 Scholarship Awardees

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Christian Armstrong
Park City, UT
2020, 2019 "What does this scholarship mean to me? Well, as someone with read more...
a disability, the fact that there are people who care about others and want to lend a hand in order to help me fulfill my potential even more means a lot to me, and gives me hope. With more funding, I can continue to strengthen my education which will prepare me for a potential career later on, and hopefully said career will guarantee that I'll be secure financially and generally better myself."
Tyler Arntz
Traverse City, MI
2020 "The Joseph James Morelli Legacy Foundation scholarship has read more...
several meanings for me. I learned about this scholarship on the internet, while reading Joseph’s story, I connected. I immediately Googled Montana State University loved it, applied, and was accepted. I am beyond grateful for the for the foundation and the scholarship committee. It is the reason that I will be attending Montana State University in the fall to pursue my dreams to earn a degree as a mechanical engineer. "
Cole Arthur
Great Falls, MT
2019 "I am honored to receive the James Joseph Morelli scholarship. read more...
I was so excited to hear that I got the award. It has been a bright spot for me in the complicated spring of 2020. This support will help me to be able to continue to devote my attention and energy to my studies. I truly appreciate your generosity. Dyslexia has been a challenge. Through the support of some key people in my life, I have learned to navigate classes and school anyway. This financial award will mean that I can put those skills to use to get my engineering degree and get started on my career in the space industry. Interestingly, there are many individuals with dyslexia in that field. So many people just don't realize that students with learning disabilities have areas of strength and can excell in school regardless. Thank you not only for the money but for recognizing that. It makes me feel very encouraged to continue working hard and chasing my dreams. "
Jackson Biel
Leavenworth, KS
2020 "By receiving the Joseph James Morelli Scholarship it will help read more...
ease the stress of paying for college. My college schooling costs are my responsibility and going into debt is a huge burden. Both my brother and I have specific learning disabilities and over the past 15 years my parents have spent a great deal of money providing us private tutors, private school while stationed in Hawaii, and countless opportunities to help us deal with our learning differences and to be successful individuals. Even when we were denied assistance through our health insurance or schools, my parents never let that stop them from helping us.  Money that was saved for college early on was used to help us get resources when they were needed most. Ultimately, this scholarship is a means to finally help lessen the burden my parents have been shouldering for years and to set me up for a brighter future. I will be enter the field of Electric Engineering to better myself and the world around me "
Jeffrey Black
The Woodlands, TX
2020 "I am very grateful to receive the Joseph James Morelli Legacy read more...
Foundation Scholarship. By receiving this scholarship, my family and I are able to see that the many hours of dyslexia tutoring payed off."
Rylee Cardon
Auburn, AL
2020, 2019, 2018 "This scholarship has allowed me to continue my read more...
education and provided support for me to get a graduate degree in Aerospace Engineering, which would have been difficult without financial assistance. I am extremely grateful to the Morelli Scholarship Foundation for there generous assistance throughout both my undergraduate and graduate degrees. I know that many other students with learning disabilities will continue to benefit from your generosity. "
Mary Carroll
Fortson, GA
2020 "Thank you for continuing Joseph's legacy to help others like him. read more...
I am so grateful for this scholarship. It will allow me to focus on my studies and reduce anxiety over financial concerns."
Steven Cirio
Spring, TX
2019 "I feel blessed to have had the opportunity of receiving this read more...
scholarship. It is really going to help me out in pursuing my degree in Construction Management. This scholarship gives me motivation to work twice as hard to show others who might be facing obstacles in their lives that they can accomplish anything they set their minds to with hard work and dedication."
Patrick Coy
Brookfield, IL
2020, 2019, 2018 "The Joseph James Morelli Legacy Scholarship means read more...
support for myself, my academic career, and my future goals. The support from the funds helps to relieve the stress that is associated with paying for my school. It personally helps me cope with my dyslexia, knowing there is a larger network of others that have received support from the foundation. Connecting us in our united pursuit for higher education and greater opportunities in our communities. I would like to thank the family of Joseph Morelli as I am able to move forward in my career in Natural Resources and Environmental Science."
Tori Donoho
Evergreen, CO
2019 "I am both honored and thankful to be a recipient of the read more...
Joseph James Morelli Scholarship. This scholarship will be used to pursue degrees in Data Science and Computer Science at Purdue. There was a time that I did not think succeeding in school was possible. Getting this scholarship is tangible proof of how far I have come and that others now believe in me too. Thank you for not only awarding me this scholarship but believing in my future goals. Having this extra money to put into my education makes all the difference. Thank you to the Morelli family and the scholarship committee."
Hannah Dyal
Park City, UT
2020, 2019, 2018 " I have been fortunate enough to have been awarded read more...
the James Morelli Scholarship for 3 years in a row. But this award means even more to me today than did it three years ago. I take education very seriously and I appreciate its value. I am already working in a position at the university of Utah hospital, which should hopefully facilitate my career path. This award will help me work while attending nursing school. Again thank you very much, your generosity is greatly appreciated. Sincerely Hannah Dyal"
Lucas Efird
Littlerock, AR
2020, 2019 "Receiving this scholarship will help me achieve my dream of read more...
becoming a mechanical engineer. This scholarship will allow me to focus on college and my studies. I am grateful to have my hard work recognized and I will continue to work hard to complete my degree."
Jack Evans
Park City, UT
2020, 2019 "Thank you for having the confidence in me to achieve read more...
my short term goals of achieving a degree in Material Science Engineering. I appreciate your continued support of me and I intend to succeed in school. Through your knowledge of what needs to happen in transitioning from high school to college, I have been able to enroll with the disability resource center on my campus and have a lot of support through tutoring, extended time, testing accommodations, etc. I have learned how to begin advocating for myself as an adult because of your outreach and presentations. This scholarship helps pay for my tuition expenses at ASU. "
John Fitzgerald
Hermiston, OR
2020 "Out of all the scholarships I applied for, this one means the read more...
most to me because I relate to it and it is more personal to me than than any other I scholarship applied for. A lot of scholarships are field specific; not very many are specifically for disabilities such as the Joseph James Morelli Scholarship is. The parameters of the scholarship fit me so well I was excited to apply. I'd like to thank the committee for providing this opportunity for me and for others like me. "
Charlie Fiveash
Park City, UT
2020, 2019, 2018 "This award is important to me because it recognizes my read more...
special abilities in STEM as a dyslexic. I really appreciate the Morelli's continued support and encouragement and am happy to be part of remembering Joseph."
Jaime Fuentes
McAllen, TX
2020, 2019 "I am humbled; I cannot completely express the depth of my read more...
gratitude. Receiving the Joseph James Morelli Scholarship is truly an honor. This scholarship not only aids in the reduction of my college tuition costs, but it also validates all my academic efforts and struggles. I feel that foundations such as the James Joseph Morelli Legacy Foundation have been instrumental in raising the awareness of learning differences and are key in student support. This type of support and the knowledge that other students such as myself are succeeding academically help continue to inspire me to persevere and reach my academic and career goals. I sincerely thank the James Joseph Morelli Scholarship Committee and the Legacy Foundation for granting me this award. "
Katherine Ginder
Cape Elizabeth, MA
2020, 2019, 2018 "Receiving the Joseph James Morelli scholarship read more...
means that I am one step closer to reaching my academic and career goals. I am very grateful for the organization that is looking out for students who have dyslexia."
Nick Glotfelty
Durango, CO
2020 "I am excited to receive this scholarship because I feel a read more...
connection to the life it sounds like Joseph led. I suspect that like him, our dyslexia challenges helped create the people we became with our love of the outdoors and adventures and focus on math and science. I am happy that this scholarship will help me accomplish my goals of becoming a marine engineer. I am thankful for any support and assistance as I pursue my passion in this field."
Michael Gnatovic
Salt Lake City, UT
2020, 2019, 2018, 2017 "I feel extremely blessed and honored to have read more...
received this scholarship from the Joseph James Morelli Foundation. This scholarship has brought many opportunities to my life and has helped me grow into the person that I am today. It has also strengthened my confidence and validated that I am on the right path and that all my hard work is paying off. I am also very excited about starting a mentorship program with the Morelli Foundation with the help of Jake Sussman. I believe a program like this could help ease students into college life as well as being there for one another to provide guidance and help during this transition."
Amelia Harmon
Frederick, MD
2020 "Thank you so much for awarding me the 2020 Joseph Morelli read more...
scholarship to acknowledge my hardships and accomplishments throughout High School! I’ve had to work hard to accomplish what I have. While doing so, I’ve truly been able to understand that it's a person's work ethic that determines their outcome. At a very young age, once I realized how important the brain is to life, I knew I wanted to study it one day. I will be attending the University of Notre Dame this fall to double major in Neuroscience and Mathematics. The Joseph Morelli Scholarship will allow me to pursue my dreams of going to college and accessing an outstanding undergraduate neuroscience education. This scholarship will allow me to have the time to focus on, and succeed in, my academic pursuits instead of worrying about my student loans. Thank You!"
Emma Hausz
Greenville, IN
2020, 2019 "Receiving this scholarship is symbolic! It symbolizes success read more...
thus far in my journey. I am hugely gratified, yet humbled, by being acknowledged for my perseverance in overcoming my learning differences. Along my journey, my grades and test scores in high school reflected that I worked hard and did well. But in high school, only those that were top athletes or top scholars received high accolades and scholarship money. Receiving this scholarship is a symbol to me that my unique talents (and the talents of thousands of others who struggle to overcome learning differences) are essential to our world's success. In honor of Joseph's memory and of the vibrant person he seemed to be, receiving this scholarship is a symbol and a reminder to me to continue to live, work, and play each of my days to its fullest. As I continue on my journey, my mission is to pave the way for others with learning differences and to create a path to help them to discover their unique gifts and talents. "
Ashleigh Hood
St. George, UT
2020 "I was thrilled to learn of my selection for this Joseph James read more...
Morelli Legacy scholarship, what a true honor it is to have been awarded this scholarship. I am deeply appreciative and very touched as this awarded show of your support. Thank you for your generous, financial assistance towards my higher education. Thanks for your confidence in me; you have truly made it possible for my dreams to come true. I am one step closer to my goals in the stem field because of this great Foundation. You have made a huge difference in my life, again I am truly honored to have been given this scholarship. Thank you so much! - Ashleigh Hood"
Maggi Hovater
Florence, AL
2020, 2019, 2018 "I can relate to Joseph’s story because I too have read more...
had a long struggle with dyslexia. The scholarship will assist in helping me realize my dream of becoming a physical therapist one day. The scholarship reminds me that if I continue to work hard and persevere in my goals, there is no obstacle that is unattainable. I would like to personally thank the Morelli family for establishing the scholarship in honor of their exceptional son and for presenting an opportunity for other young adults to continue their higher education"
Mark Kimbrell
Kettering, OH
2020, 2019, 2018, 2017 "Being a 4-time recipient of the Joseph James read more...
Morelli scholarship is quite an honor. My journey through college has been anything but typical. I haven't had the most relaxed time with school and have continued to have many struggles (back surgeries, transferring schools, and now Covid19 and online classes) along the way. One thing that has been a considerable relief is the financial help provided to me by the Morelli Scholarship. This scholarship has allowed me to go through school with less of a financial burden. I am beyond grateful that the Morelli Scholarship Foundation has encouraged me and supported me throughout my college career. It has allowed me to continue to focus on my studies and pursue my Engineering degree. I also know that everyone associated with the Morelli Scholarship is pulling for me. Thank you so much for choosing me to represent Joseph. It has been a privilege. " <
Alleen Koenig
Austin, TX
2020 "It means so much to me to be a recipient of the Joseph James read more...
Morelli Scholarship. Growing up, I struggled to read, and especially to write, I had big thoughts and ideas but found it hard to get them on paper. I have had to deeply investigate and understand how I learn best, and to be an advocate for the accommodations I need to be successful. Receiving this scholarship is not only a recognition that I have had to work harder for my education but it also so incredible to be part of a community that actually gets what it means to be dyslexic. Celebrating that we are not less than other people, we just learn differently. I am inspired and humbled to be in the company of so many students pursuing education in STEM, and truly be a legacy of Joseph. This scholarship will allow me to attend Southwestern University, where I will be majoring in Mathematics. The choice of a small school, allows me to get more individualized opportunities for learning, which is imperative for a student like me. The scholarship also helps my family significantly in helping me fulfill my dream of a college education. "
Michaelis Linardakis
Salt Lake City, UT
2020, 2019, 2018, 2017 "Thank you to the Joseph James Morelli read more...
Scholarship Foundation and surrounding communities for your devoted time, love, and donations towards supporting students in STEM. I cannot believe it has been four years since I first was introduced to this great community of mentors. As this foundation grows, the amount of students with LD’s in STEM across the world grows. I see a great deal of positive butterfly effect from Joe’s strength and values continuing to be spread more every day. May Joseph’s light continue to illuminate the world of STEM."
Nick Lundeen
Brandon, MN
2020 "Thank you for this scholarship, I really appreciate it. The money will read more...
help me pay for college tuition makes me very happy and proud. It really means a lot to me that I received this scholarship because I am different. Being different has not always been fun or rewarding, but finishing high school and receiving recognition for being different means the world to me. Thank you so much for supporting and uplifting kids that have unique abilities, not disabilities."
Ethan Lursen
Fort Dodge, IA
2020  "When I started this journey on scholarships and colleges, read more...
I never thought that I had a chance compared to the other people in my school and elsewhere, but I figured you miss a 100% of the shots you don’t take. So, I decide to put my head down and buckle in if I wanted to have a chance at making a dent in my college debt. For school I always had to work so hard just to reach a fraction of the grades my friends received. I always knew hard work would pay off. I just was wondered when... Reading Joseph’s story was inspiring as I saw and knew how difficult it was for him and I was able to relate to him as someone else that knew my struggle. This money means so much more than just a $1000. It is a symbol that hard work does pay off and that late-night struggles will help in the long run. "
Cody McLaughlin
Ayden, NC
2020  "I am so thankful and honored to have received the Joseph read more...
James Morelli Scholarship. This gift will allow me to move forward in pursuit of a degree in Environmental Science. I am very grateful to the scholarship committee and I will do my very best to represent this scholarship with high standards and expectations."
Mitchell Miletich
Malone, NY
2020 "I am honored and humbled to be awarded a Joseph James read more...
Morelli Legacy Foundation scholarship. This award will help me financially pursue a degree in environmental science at Keuka College. When I noticed this scholarship, and read Joseph’s story, I felt deeply connected to someone that I regrettably never had the opportunity to meet. I imagine being in the outdoors gave Joseph as much peace as it has given me. With the help of this scholarship, I will honor Joseph and his family by continuing to overcome my own learning challenges. I know that I can help Joseph’s memory live on by going above and beyond to make lasting contributions in the field of environmental science."
Emma Netzer
Bloomington, MN
2020 "This scholarship means that I will be able to pursue my passion read more...
and make a difference in the way kids with learning disabilities get an education. This scholarship is also important to me because I have been recognized for both my struggles and successes.Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity and helping me make a difference in the world. "
Ethan Nicholson
Scottsdale, AZ
2020 "The Joseph James Morelli Scholarship means a lot to me. I won't read more...
feel alone in this battle that has plagued my education experience. With the funds, I'll have the chance to further my education to get a degree in Software Engineering. Thank you so much for awarding this scholarship. "
Jacob Olson
Orem, UT
2020 "I have always wanted to go into the stem field and I need a college read more...
education to do that. Even though I had a 3.4 GPA in high school and applied for many college scholarships, I was not able to get any and will be paying for college on my own. I had planned to work full time and go to school full time to accomplish my goals. This scholarship will allow me to work less hours and focus more on school. I’m really grateful for this opportunity. Thank you so much."
Patrick Kalb
Riley Phillips
American Fork, UT
2020 "Receiving this scholarship will help me be able to make it through read more...
school without requiring me to get into debt. It also means that even when though I have a disability its important for me, and others with disabilities, to be able to attend college."
Steffan Poor
Beavercreek, OH
2020 "I am very grateful to the Morelli foundation for giving me this read more...
opportunity to pursue and focus on my degree in mechanical engineering. I am honored to receive this from a foundation that has helped so many fellow “dyslexion’s” like me. I will use this as motivation to focus and push through to achieve my goals. Thank you!"
Sarah Randall
Dearborn, MI
2020, 2019, 2018, 2017 "I would like to thank the Morelli Family for their read more...
ongoing support. I am honored to receive this wonderful gift and very grateful because it helps me follow my dreams and obtain a degree in Neuroscience."
Aiden Rawsen
Park City, UT
Martin Rygh
Anchorage, AK
2020 "This scholarship means the ability to get a higher education read more...
and pursue my dream of becoming an engineer to change the world for the better. Paying for college is no doubt going to be a challenge, and this scholarship will definitely help more than you could imagine. Having a learning difference can be hard and being selected for this award shows me that my dyslexia will not hold me back, it is just part of who I am. "
Liberty Sabol
Sussex, WI
2020 "I am honored to have been selected for a 2020 Joseph James read more...
Morelli Scholarship. This scholarship will help me pursue my passions of math, science, and helping people with the goal of receiving an undergraduate degree in Health Sciences allowing me to pursue a career in genetics. To me, this scholarship is extremely rewarding for all the hard work these past 12 years of education have been and the struggles I have had to overcome. I am extremely excited for my future and this scholarship definitely plays a big role in that. I will always remember the Morelli Foundations belief in me and will work to continuously uphold Joseph’s legacy. "
Sterling Shepard
Atlanta, GA
2020, 2019 "Thank you to the supporters and donors to the foundation read more...
for this scholarship. The scholarship has given me a chance to attend a college that offers tutoring and assistance to students with learning disabilities like me. It has allowed me to be successful in college; while boosting my confidence."
Pauline Simonson
Salt Lake City, UT
2020 "Being awarded the Joseph James Morelli Scholarship means that read more...
I will have more opportunities at the University of Utah. With the Joseph James Morelli Scholarship money I will use most of it to pay for tuition and a little of it to go to purchasing a new laptop for school. My current laptop is slow and unreliable so having money to put to a new one will greatly improve my productivity and ability to succeed at the University of Utah. "
Jonathan Skahan
Hopkins, MN
2020 "Receiving this scholarship means and shows that their are people read more...
out there that see and respect the work I’ve put in. I’ve put countless hours for years braking down my dyslexia and the barriers it brings. I thank the Morelli Scholarship board for reviewing and accepting my application. Receiving this scholarship with Joseph’s story behind it makes it that much more special. This money will give me an extra push on my college journey into the STEM field. Thank you again for accepting my application and seeing the potential I hold despite the setbacks and challenges dyslexia brings."
Lynn Spencer
Park City, UT
2020 "Earring this scholarship helps my ability to continue my schooling read more...
despite having a learning disability. In other words, this scholarship will help me finance my purchasing of books, course fees, or extra tutoring. I'm very great full for this opportunity."
Daniel Stanley
Wauconda, IL
2020, 2019, 2018 "The Joseph James Morelli Scholarship means the world read more...
to me especially this year. With so much happening in the world with the Coronavirus and the uncertainty it has brought to our lives I am very grateful to be receiving this award to finish out my undergraduate education. As a future scientist, I want to move on to my next chapter and start to make a difference. This scholarship helps me believe that like Joseph I can accomplish anything despite my dyslexia. Joseph's life was cut short but because of this legacy scholarship, he still impacts and inspires others. I am very grateful to the Morelli family for this award."
Maetzi Esmeralda Suarez Cabanillas
Park City, UT
2020 "I first want to start off by giving a huge thank you for the read more...
scholarship, Mrs. Morelli and Joseph James Morelli Legacy Foundation. I am extremely happy and thrilled that you accepted my application and for the award. This scholarship means so much to me because I am a first-generation college student, I also have a learning disability and I am a Latina. I was worried about how expensive college is and how difficult it is going to be because of my disability. Moreover, I thought that I was not going to have the resources to be able to succeed in college and just be another number in the college drop out rates. However, I started to hear about Bright Futures and how they help first-generation students get to and through college, because of Bright Futures. I heard about the Joseph James Morelli Legacy Foundation through Bright Futures and after reading Joseph’s story, it inspired me and gave me hope that I can succeed in college and if I just work hard and put in the work I am going to make it. As a Latina that had struggles in school with reading and writing, I have become more capable of academics and am ready to start this new chapter in my life, and with that help of the Joseph James Morelli Legacy Foundation, Bright Futures, and my family. With their help I know I am going to be able to be a Nurse. "
Jessica Wilson
Troy, NC
2020, 2019, 2018 "I am honored by the continued generosity of read more...
the Morelli Foundation. Knowing others believe in me motivates me to work harder. Joseph's legacy inspires me; it's so much more than just the financial award. The scholarship also gives me emotional encouragement. Each year your assistance reinforces that like Joseph; I am important and can achieve my goals through hard work and perseverance. The Foundation helps deserving students across the Nation and I am truly grateful to be one. Thank you for helping me to continue believing in myself and achieving my dreams. Jessica Wilson."