Awardee Resources

image While the mission of the Foundation is to honor Joseph’s spirit through the awarding of scholarships, we realize that for dyslexic students to be successful in college, it can sometimes take more than financial support.  To that end, we are working to build a community for our scholarship awardees where they can find support and connect with other young adults in similar situations.

Facebook Group

We have launched a private Facebook Group for all of our awardees to connect with one another. The purpose of the group is to give our awardees a safe space to share experiences, ask questions, and support one. Members may share anything they like, whether it's related to dyslexia or not, as long as they follow the published rules. 


Awardee Directory

Beginning with the 2021 awardees, we will publish a directory so that awardees may get in touch with one another directly.   This will give awardees the opportunity to connect with one another privately.  This directory only includes the contact information of those awardees who wish to be included and will only be shared with other awardees.



The Joseph James Morelli Legacy Foundation Mentorship Program is a new endeavor that is producing outstanding results, with many of our mentees finding it transformational. In the words of one mentee, “It changed my life.”

Open exclusively to Morelli Foundation scholarship recipients, college freshmen are paired with peer mentors to help them navigate the new challenges that college presents, particularly for students with learning differences.  Mentors are current or former Morelli Foundation scholarship recipients of high-quality character, who have demonstrated academic success and have been trained by our partner in the venture, SuperPower Consulting. They are either upperclassmen or recent graduates and help freshmen find inner strength they didn’t know they had and instill a level of confidence that most mentees did not dream was possible.

Because this is still a pilot program, mentorship opportunities are limited.  Our goal is to expand the program with each new class of Morelli Foundation scholarship awardees.

Ashleigh and Michaelis, who participated in our pilot mentoring program, shared their stories with us at our annual meeting.